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The Music Prophet Podcast

Aug 25, 2019

Creating harmonies as a duo, finding inspiration from novels and the secret to creating the right amount of emotion in song lyrics were explored with Tragedy Ann. Catch three songs performed live in the studio, and hear what makes Tragedy Ann a unique voice in the folk/indie community!


Artist Biography:

Tragedy Ann is a forward-looking folk duo from Guelph, Ontario. Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan find warmth in questions and daring in answers, making space for the tear that lies behind laughter. With intimacy and care, the duo favours a flashlight over a spotlight in songs for community, nature, and hardworking hospital staff. Braiding organic harmonies with accordion, singing saw, guitars, and ukulele, Tragedy Ann’s arrangements are as delicate as they are driving.


Find Thier Music:

Website: https:\\