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The Music Prophet Podcast

Sep 5, 2019

Emilie "Sparx" Carrey shares her love for experimenting with sounds, her journey becoming  a beatboxer, and why the laser is her favourite sound to create. Her stories were great, and you can even hear two songs performed live during the hour long interview!

Artist Biography:
Sparx is a World Champion Beatboxer, and leader in the female beatboxing community. She has competed in multiple World Championships around the world, officially placing second in Germany in 2015. Through the years she`s been a leader in Unity, supporting and promoting the rap, poetry and slam poetry scene across Ontario. Rap and spoken word is her inspiration, and her vocal creations draw from the endless creativity of language and sound. From Vice to Much Music features, she`s finally back in Sudbury to grow the female beatboxing community!

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