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The Music Prophet Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

Sean Barrette shares ideas about songwriting, writing in different genres, and how Northern Ontario makes inspiration easy. Hear a few of his songs, the stories behind them, and discover the personality behind The Puckhogs!


Artist Biography:

I'm a songwriter from Copper Cliff, ON. My perfect day? Wake up, kiss my wife and kids, throw on some jeans, pick up a guitar, and write for a living. It's a work in progress. Aside from writing songs, I've spent about 30 years working in radio, PR, and media-related industries. But I'm always a songwriter first.


Meet the Puckhogs:

Three local songwriters – Sean Barrette, Chris Leblanc, and Brent Wohlberg – collectively known as The Puckhogs, formed in the fall of 2013 and entered their song, For the Love of the Game, in the CBC Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest.

Their underdog run to 1st Runners Up out of over 1000 Canadian artists surprised the shit out of everyone, especially them.

Find Thier Music: