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The Music Prophet Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

Kassie Tyers launched her album live in the interview, and gave some really open and reflective thoughts on music, songwriting and her career in music. This was co-hosted by Linda Heldman, and it`s always fun to have her by my side in an interview... you never know who a musician really is until you have two positive people around them!


Artist Biography:

Kassie Tyers was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Performing since a school concert solo in Grade 5, Kassie Tyers is a singer-songwriter and speaker who connects with music on a deep level and shares that connection with others. She is a five-time nominee at the Canadian Music Covenant Awards over the last 10 years, in categories for Folk Album Of the Year, Inspirational Song of the Year, and Children’s Song of the Year. Kassie just finished a one month tour through Western Canada with a guitar on the back of her motorcycle, and is back to launch her new album!


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