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The Music Prophet Podcast

Jul 11, 2019

Jennifer Holub explains her love for Fleetwood Mac, writing protest songs and a talent for songwriting. Hear 3 of her original songs, in raw acoustic form, and discover the personality of Jennifer Holub.


Artist Biography:

Jennifer Holub's “The Reckoning” is a hawkish condemnation of society’s place for women, and an urgent call to rouse from it. This collaboration with sonic experimenters Jon Danyliw and Matthew Wiewel captures the quintessence of their home in northern Ontario—pastoral, tired, cold, and resilient.

She has lived many lives. At 32 she made the reckless decision to leave it all behind for a music career. She lends her powerful voice and piano stylings to the revue Memphis-Based Soul music called the Northern Memphis Revival and The Co-operative. She is a bright spark in the Sudbury area music scene.


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