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The Music Prophet Podcast

Nov 5, 2019

Jason Daoust share some history on metal music, what it really means to play "classical music", and stories from teaching hundreds of music lessons! He`s welll-revered in the Sudbury guitar community, and it was an honour to have him as a guest to talk about such a beautiful style of music.

About Jason Daoust:

Jason has a diploma in music performance from Cambrian College and completed his Bachelor of Music from University of Ottawa. He has played in various bands and ensembles around Sudbury in a variety of different styles such as Classical, Rock, Metal, Disco, Theater, Pop and so on. Jason has been teaching since 2008 and has an abundance of experience working with students as young as 5 years old. From performing in French metal bands to a classical concerto with @vinuvine, making the audience feel the music is his true passion. 

Find His Music: