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The Music Prophet Podcast

Aug 25, 2019

Jacqueline Pashley jumps into her story of becoming a DJ, following your dreams to entertain, and major lessons from years in the industry as a mix DJ. Hear the house music that inspires her, and discover the personality of Jacqueline Erica Pashley! 


Artist Biography:

Jacqueline Pashley is a professional female DJ, model and special event performer living in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada known for the last 11 years as DJ Bassline Jack. Jacqueline Erica has performed all over Ontario and has also been invited across the boarder to California, USA. Highlighting last year, Jacqueline opened for DJs Hunter Siegel and AC Slater right here in Sudbury and was featured on The New HOT 93.5 for the 'Flashback Friday Street Mixx' and 'Saturday Night Hott Mixx' DJ Shows. 


Find Her Music:




Facebook: pashely/