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The Music Prophet Podcast

Oct 4, 2019


Discover the boundaries of creativity with C.R. Avery as he talks about making music with poetry, pushing boundaries of entertainment, and jumping between art forms. A quick but fascinating interview, we spoke on the phone to see the experience we`ll get at Spacecraft October 5 at 7PM.


Artist Biography:

C.R. Avery is a musicians’ musician. He is admired by and has performed with Tom WaitsAni DiFranco, Utah Phillips, Sage Francis and others. He has released at least seventeen albums, written and directed three musicals that have been produced in New York, L.A, Seattle and San Francisco. Avery has toured ruthlessly throughout North America, Europe, and Australia with his rock & roll punk ensembles, hip-hop circuses with 12-bar blues high-kicks, and his infamous string quartets and burlesque revues. He has also released 3 amazing books of poetry. Although originally from the Ottawa region, he has become a strong ambassador for Vancouver’s east side and recently played at Northern Lights Festival Boréal.


Find His Music and Poetry: