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The Music Prophet Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

Celine Tellier came to talk about her career so far in music, her favourite venues to play, and the surprises that come when you leave yourself open to opportunities. She was getting ready to perform at the International Plow Match in Verner, with a potential audience of 100 000+ people... the conversation still managed to stay humble still!

About The Artist:

Celine's debut EP "Last One Standing", released in June of 2014, is a culmination of 3 years of writing, feeling, highs and lows, disappointments and achievements! In 2012, she entered a songwriting competition hosted by KICX 91.7 in Sudbury, ON on a dare, and was one of the top 5 finalists. Since then, she has taken every opportunity to host numerous house concerts, and has opened for and shared the stage with many very well established Canadian country artists such as Marshall Dane, Doc Walker, Tonya Kennedy, Ty Baynton, and Tim Hicks. She's also played summer festivals such as Parry Sound Ribfest and the Blueberry Festival in Sudbury, as well as opened the weekend for Country In The Woods. As a mix of country and rock, her voice carries farther than the ears can expect as she graces a stage near you.


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