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The Music Prophet Podcast

Sep 6, 2019

Alex Pauze shares his love of bebop jazz, drumming with polyrhythms and Anishnaabe culture this week on our show. We heard 3 songs hand-picked by Alex, that each showed his different interests and passions of jazz music.


Artist Biography:

Alex Pauze has played drums since childhood, and there is a good chance you`ve danced to his drumming in a venue around Sudbury. As a classically trained musician of Laurentian University, he`s explored guitar and other instruments over the years but always found drums to be where he belongs. When not playing, he`s supporting the Anishnaabe community and creating delicious recipes. Alex is best known for his time with Saultbury, Marc Scherzinger Trio and even had a short period with Sex and Summer. After performing countless times in the annual Jazz Sudbury Festivals, he is quickly becoming a highly requested jazz drummer across Northern Ontario.


Find His Music: